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Mona Craven

A day devoted to experimental and sensory drawing
Making Space

At: Making Space, Havant

11:00 to 16:00

25 October 2019

Inspired by the BigDraw theme for 2019 we will considering drawing as an extension of personal expression. The day is devoted to tapping into our senses by drawing experimentally in a collaborative space.

The BigDraw, theme for the year is ‘Drawn to Life: creativity and wellbeing’ which aims to encourage drawing practice as a tool to enhance well-being.

The day is devoted to tapping into our senses by drawing experimentally in a collaborative space.

If you're interested in joining in, please email Mona Craven or Making Space.

Limited space available

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Rosie Baxter

Felt in the landscape

I am passionate about the landscape and the  freedom it offers – it provides a huge canvas.

‘Taking my felt for a walk’ is an on-going project where I take my felt out into the landscape and capture the moment with photography.

Colour is important, particularly red, bright, striking, representing energy. Red enhances the muted, rugged landscape that I explore, bringing energy into a visual form.

My MA final project - ‘squishy, peaty, boggy and wet’ - is an adventure through Dartmoor tracking the St Michael ley line and exploring the Neolithic sites en-route.

See my website for more of my work.

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Lois Bellew

Edge: Freight of memory

Lois continues to develop the vitrines that constitute her ever expanding memory wall by highlighting areas of experience that define aspects of identity. She acknowledges there is a balance of positive and negative experience within the ‘freight’ of memory. ​

With these framed and boxed pieces I continue to enjoy constructing my own observations of where our memories might come from.
Tiny pieces of seemingly unimportant saved ephemera can momentarily become hugely significant as triggers to past experiences.
Our identitied are being formed from birth through both haptic and emotional connections.
These experiences stack up to make us who we are, like it or not.
Excessive material consumption tips the balance 'over the edge' for most of us.

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Kas Williams

Kas Williams

I have a profound love of colour and the lyrical energy and exuberance it provokes. Colour is a feeling at the heart of everything I create and my work is an expression and response to what I see and experience in the world around me. My creative practice is rooted in the tradition of painting from where I can choose to follow any number of directions mixing diverse materials and methods to create sophisticated pieces.

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